Behind the Scenes of Creating a Children’s Book…

School Presentations with Ros Hill

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The first thing that will come to your mind when you see Ros Hill speak to an audience of young students is that he is, indeed, one of them…..One big kid.

In fact, the way he captivates an audience isn’t done so much by speaking to them, but rather by engaging with them. No matter if they are bouncy third graders or high school-bound eighth graders, he knows exactly how to fit into their world. Once there, he will share the behind-the-scenes of creating a children’s book, examples of his unique art, and insightful moments that range from imperfect happiness to tragic inspiration. Whether he is speaking of a touching event or is sharing a mindless mishap, there is always a message.

His presentations are colorful, casual, and creative (imagine that!). Invite him to your school and you’ll find out that there is nothing more important to him than making sure he is connecting with the kids. By the end of his presentation, they will feel as if they have known him for years.

Entertainment with a message…it’s what Ros Hill is all about.

Presentation rates vary, depending upon duration and number of sessions. For rate information pertaining to your particular situation, please call (512) 392-0451 or email: