About Ros

Ros resides in San Marcos, Texas. For 13 years Ros worked as a UPS delivery driver in Central Texas. During that time he often reflected upon a backpacking trip he took throughout Southern Africa. It was a trip that stirred his imagination, allowing him to view the world with a different perspective. A world where zebras lost their stripes, lions went sleepwalking, and cheetahs ran fast just for the kiss of it.

Having no art training, but eager to express his ideas, he taught himself a style of acrylic painting that best illustrated his imagination. The day then came when he realized he had reached a crossroads in his life: Would he continue with the security of working for UPS or would he take a leap of faith and pursue an art career?

He chose the latter.

Zebras. They were running in a group past some thorny trees. All was quite normal until the moment Ros Hill’s imagination began to twist the scene – one of the zebra’s stripes was now caught on a tree limb and was unraveling from its hindquarters.

Finding adjectives to describe Ros Hill’s art is simple. What proves to be harder, and ultimately unnecessary, is pinning a label on what he does. In short, Ros Hill is an artist whose work defines a rich new territory of the imagination, a realm where the precision and detail of the graphic arts meets warmth, passion and wit.

While the majority of his paintings have dealt with African wildlife, Hill has no problem taking his skewed sense of humor elsewhere. “On Saturday He Created The Stars” launched him directly into the golf market.

“I went out to my mailbox one day,” says Hill, “and couldn’t believe it when I saw my golf painting on the cover of a national art magazine. That exposure established relationships with galleries around the country.”

The Process

The popularity of Hill’s humor has been gaining momentum ever since he left his UPS delivery job to take on his art full-time. “This may seem hard to believe, but I actually got a lot of creative ideas while driving that brown truck over the Texas back roads. However, having the time to market those ideas was a whole different story.” So, after 13 years of packages, he said goodbye to UPS, and hello to a welcoming audience of art buyers.

“There is no doubt that I have accomplished a lot since I left UPS,” admits Hill. “But all of my laurels will never measure up to the rewards I get from watching people laugh at my work. That is the greatest compliment I could ever ask for….and it’s my job to keep ‘em smiling.”

Ros Hill resides in San Marcos, Texas where his wife and three children act as his greatest critics.